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Located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, less than 4 hours drive from Izmir, easily accessed by air (and quite often by sea) Bodrum offers a host of entertainment to the casual and serious visitor alike. It is difficult to think that anybody visiting Turkey has not heard of or visited Bodrum.

First impressions can be misleading; a sleepy sun drenched town of whitewashed houses nestling on a beautiful hillside overlooking the blue waters of the Aegean would be reasonable. However to actually understand Bodrum and what the region has to offer is something, which can only gained by direct experience.

Bodrum truly offers something for everybody, sun, sea, beaches, vista, food, shopping, history, daytime amusement and Nightlife to rival anything to be found in the Mediterranean. From a toddler to retiree all are accommodated.

The 11th century castle of St. Peter provides the focal point of the town. Which also seems to neatly divide the shopping, restaurant and entertainment area from the peaceful palm-lined waterfront promenade.

During the summer months this is stocked with the famous Bodrum wooden “Gullets” and will eventually lead you to the marina occupied by exquisite yachts from all parts of the world.

Depending on your mood, you can chose to sit and relax in one of the many waterside cafés and let the world wash by you. Or you can take a daily blue cruse, or sign up for an underwater scuba adventure.

Bodrum’s waters are renowned for its copious lagoons, secluded bay’s, unique reef, cave and rock formations, natural sponges and rich aquatic life.

The nice part is you do need not be an Olympic athlete to enjoy these but should you have an adventures bent book a trip on one of the dive boats and scuba your day away. The only thing you need to do is make sure you have sufficient sun protection and a good supply of sun lotion.

Dining out is also an experience not to be missed, the best of the Turkish Kitchen, delicious seafood, Aegean specialty dishes and International cuisine are all available. A long, relaxing typical Turkish meal consisting of “Meze” to start, main course of Fish (or Meat) with fruits or delicious Turkish sweets to finish accompanied by one of the excellent local wines or even the traditional “Lions Milk” (Raki) is a must for any visitor to experience.

However caution should be your watchword with Raki, it is a delicious and versatile drink, but it can also “creep up” on the unaware – you have been warned!

For the more energetic visitor, daytime (or overnight) excursions are available. Within an easy drive of Bodrum can be found the historical sites of Efesus, Pamukale and Dalyan, Village and Market town tours can also be arranged by many of the local travel agents. Jeep Safari, Paint Ball, off Road Trekking, Underwater Tours, Paragliding or a Turkish Bath may be of appeal to more Adventist types.

All in all, Bodrum has and does offer something for every age group and every taste, be they a history buff, a shopping junkie, a frustrated sailor, a Disco Freak or simply a sand, sea and sun worshiper.

Bodrum fulfils and provides the facilities for an enjoyable, relaxing and enriching experience for your annual vacation for all the family.

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